Quinta do Romeu has some thousands of hectares (or acres) of woodland, spread over eight municipalities in the Bragança district. This typically Mediterranean forest has its origins in the Pliocene (approximately 5 million years ago).

The land contains stretches of an indescribable beauty, both in terms of its landscape and of the environmental balance within. It offers us the awe-inspiring silence of nature undisturbed for millennia. Certain parts of the estate are classified within the Natura 2000 network, the European network for the preservation of biodiversity and natural habitats.

The cork oak is a remarkable tree, capable of thriving on poor dry soils in extremely adverse climatic conditions. No other tree offers so much whilst requiring so little. And although the grapevine demands attention and the olive tree is supremely forgiving, the cork oak is averse to any meddling, either with itself or its surrounding vegetation.

The cork from each tree is removed every 10 years by workers on the estate, typically during June and July. At Quinta do Romeu we leave it to the tree to âtell usâ when to start removing cork and when to stop. Its every need is respected.

Quinta do Romeu cork is used in the production of corks for wine bottles, considered the most appropriate seal for high-quality wines.

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