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Soc. Clemente Menéres Lda. (Menéres Family Estate) is a family-owned Estate company since 1874, lying Northeast of Portugal.

The company produces wine, olive oil and cork at Quinta do Romeu, Bragança district, and also owns the now extinct Monchique Convent and its outbuildings - which house the company's head-office and warehouses - in the marine promenade along the Douro River, in Porto, an area classified as World Heritage.

The Estate is entirely run under certified Organic Farming which means we do not use any chemicals in our farming. And it is so because we believe that the fruits aromas, as well as the biodiversity and our health, become valued out of this process.

All current owners are direct descendants from Clemente Menéres (the founder) and is managed by João Pedro Menéres, Nuno Espregueira and João Menéres.
Clemente Menéres
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